Monday, November 27, 2006

Far too much work, not enough knitting

November has been a crazy, crazy month. It's been all about work (the kind that pays the bills) and not too much about anything fiber related. I've managed to do a few rows here and there on two different pairs of socks, but nothing complete to show, alas.

Thanksgiving was nice--had it at Dad's house. Everyone brought side dishes, and as usual Norm carved the turkey, I made the gravy and was stationed on the oven/stove for the part where everything gets reheated and into serving dishes. On Monday night I made two practice pies---one Sour Cream Apple Pie and one Ultimate Lemon Meringue pie. (Then on Wednesday I made 2 more lemon and one more apple---the apple for David's family, one lemon to send along to my Mom's side of the family, and one lemon for me to take to Dad's). I'd never used these recipes before and wanted to make sure they were actually good ones before the big day. I can't recommend enough the apple pie and the lemon pies were delicious too. I also made all the ricotta cheese for David's mother's lasagna she makes with homemade pasta. My kitchen's had a serious workout, let me tell ya.

And...David and I are making limoncello for gifts this year. We've zested 40 lemons and he made a special trip to Rhode Island to get the Everclear (it's illegal to sell in Massachusetts.) At the moment we've got two huge jars of lemon zest soaking in the booze. It looks so pretty! With one jar we're going to make Crema di Limoncello and with the other we'll make the regular stuff. I can't wait to see how it comes out.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sometimes I just can't he'p myself

May I present Pasha.

Pasha is a cute boy, despite the horrid bits of evil Red Heart he's composed of and his shoddy seam-job. I like him.

I've made no progress on my copycat socks. My enthusiasm has waned dramatically. I might hold off on finishing them until after Christmas. Or I might not.

On another note, what is it about the statement, "Listen, you and I have diametrically opposing political views, and you're not going to change my mind, and I'm not going to change yours, so I'd prefer to just agree to disagree and just not talk about this at all," that is unclear? It's maddening to me when someone refuses to NOT engage in a fervent pointless argument when you politely ask them not to. (Especially when the someone arrived uninvited to your home and is completely interrupting an evening where all you wanted to do is take off your god dammed bra, throw on your jammies, and do something which involves focus and concentration. Like knit lace.)

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Dishcloth and a Sock - A Tale Of Woe

Over the last couple of days I've been excitedly knitting on a pair of socks using a pattern I 'designed' which was inspired by my favorite dishcloth. I made this particular dishcloth years ago (the Lacy Mock Cable by Vauna Rae Giberson), and every time I looked at it I couldn't help but think about what a great stitch pattern it'd be for a pair of socks.

It took me a little while to turn the dishcloth stitch pattern into one which could be worked in the round and make all the necessary additions of various purl stitches so I'd have an odd number of 'cables' centered on the instep, etc. I wanted to work these socks toe up, using a turkish cast on. I wanted a toe with simple M1 increases. Also, I wanted to do a version of a heel flap since short row heels just don't fit my feet as nicely as a heel flap/gusset combo does.

So painstakingly I labored on figuring out all of this stuff, even made a chart, and proudly started knitting away. I did the feet two at a time on two circs, separated them for the flaps and gussets and decided to knit the rest of the two socks one at a time, and got many inches up the leg of one of the socks...

Here's the chart I created for the 32 stitch instep.

and then... I just happened upon Purlwise's short row tutorial. The sock she's using for the tutorial looks suspiciously like the socks I just "invented." Oh my god, no. What the hell?! So, with a sinking feeling I investigate her blog and her various completed socks, and come to the dramatic and horrifying realization that I've just re-invented the Pretty Comfy Socks.


Blurry & poorly lit progress shot, taken while I was still happy

Granted my version is done toe up and doesn't have a short row heel (features a heel flap and gusset), but still. I'm annoyed since I was feeling so innovative and creative and now I just feel sad and dumb.